I volunteered yesterday. We made so much food. There were 4 of us. We made 36 boxes of soup. Half was tomato and the other half potato.

Then 4 apple cakes and since we had bananas and berries we made them into muffins. 42 muffins later! I had to ask my son to send me two trays from their place just so we could bake them in time for packing.

That was when I got a surprise text from Mr Wanderer saying he’ll organise dinner!

I came home to find he’s taken the rubbish out. My little apartment has been vacuumed.

Dinner turned out to be at a beach bar. Well drinks!

Since they only had bar food..finger foods ..we decided to move on to their pub for dinner.

Not bad for a meal! We had the Monday night special for locals! It’s $25 for a main and a drink of your choosing.

We chose a house red each.

I had the root salad with calamari and he had the Parmi. I gave him some of mine and took some of his!

We met there for our first date! My favourite local! That night we only had drinks there as I was worried. First dates are always awkward.

I was like one drink and if he’s awful I can just leave! I was that sick of coffee dates!

Somehow he’s stuck!