Not really. Not sure how I am going to go about it today.

I need to get my bike in for a service. The thing is it’s about a 10 minutes ride there and about a 5 minutes drive.

If I drive I have to take my car out of the stacker and my wheel apart. If I ride I have to cart my helmet with me. Or leave it there at the bike shop.

Guess I’d better ride! Will take less time than mucking about with taking the wheel off.

Plus I’m getting fat and lazy!

How cute is this?

I love the sentiment.

Dinner with my kids on Tuesday night.

A bird pecking at my car when I parked near work yesterday.

Map of the bike routes near me! The council is trying to encourage riding.

My plans for the next few days:

Salsa dancing tonight

Cook for the kids tomorrow. My youngest requested seafood chowder

Saturday I’ve got a lunch on with a group of Meetup ladies.

Then anything goes after.

Not sure if we are going away again. A lady we met whilst caravanning wants to go camping this weekend. I’m not too keen. She’s alone with two kids and don’t think her husband is joining her.

Which means Mr Wanderer will spend all of his time talking to her and not really spending time with me.

From what I can gather he’s keen on her since he offered his phone number when she asked for mine.

If we do go I might have to train it to Castlemaine after my lunch and he’ll pick me up from there. Then we’ll head to Avoca.

Which means I’ll have to somehow drop all of my gear at his place before he leaves for Bendigo on Friday. He needs to sort out his rental.

I can’t really give up my lunch since it was organised 2 months ago!

I also need to seriously work on my tour. The president of the association has recommended me as a tour guide for a walking tour. Which was really nice of him.

I’ve chosen to lead tour 3. It gives me a bit more flexibility with my route.

It’s a voluntary gig to promote the association.

There are only 240 tickets, quite a few has been taken.