And nearly crashed into another cyclist. He must have crept up behind me and trying to over take.

I wanted to turn right and didn’t think anyone was around so I didn’t signal.

It was easy riding the small streets and with my tyres pumped up and my seat a bit lower it was a pleasant ride.

I found another statue.

And a new laneway.

More street art

The guy didn’t move!

How cool are these?

That was one lane.

A more well known lane.

A bit grotty! Lots of suspicious looking characters around that kind of spooked me.

I managed to find some to post

Alice anyone?

Very happy I got a bit of my tour sorted.

He’s decided to potter around at home and then pick me up after lunch to go caravanning.

We’ll have to head to Bendigo so he can work on his rental and collect the bond on Monday.

Then we will head home Monday night.