Of us. Emotionally it was a crappy weekend.

First my kids bailed out on me except one. So then I asked if he wanted to leave on Good Friday? To which he replied he’s not ready.

Then when we got to Dunkeld he found out his friend’s sister bailed out on his mate thus he’s staying til Monday in Tocumwal. Which meant Mr Wanderer could have caught up with him if we had known sooner like on Saturday morning? Before we left Melbourne?

By Monday I’ve pretty much had enough. He told me he’s brought his bike to go cycling in Mt Gambier. From my understanding we were only going hiking in the Grampians.

Well that didn’t happened. He still went off on his bike. Me thinking well after all it’s his time off he can do whatever he wants! I had journals to read and assessments to be done for my CPD points.

It was only upon finding out he was going to ditch me in Dunkeld on Tuesday that I went off at him.

From what I can see from the public transport app it would have taken me 1.5 hours by coach from Dunkeld to Ararat.

From Ararat I’d have to hop on a train and it’s another 2.5 hours to Melbourne. My last leg from the CBD home is about 30 minutes by light rail and walking. Totalling at least 4.5 hours not counting the time in between the different legs of the trip!

If he dropped me off in Ararat (1 hour away) I don’t need to do that coach trip.

If he dropped me off in Warrnambool (1.5 hours away) like we first planned it would take me 3.5 hours by train to Melbourne.

To both options he said no!

First option he didn’t want to back track as it would add an extra 2 hours of driving. For him to take me to Ararat we’d have to leave like right now! On the Monday so he ends up in Dunkeld Monday night ready for the drive to Mount Gambier on the Tuesday!

Second option meant 1.5 hours drive but he’d only be a 2 hours drive to Mount Gambier!

He was like why should I? I’m 2 hours away from Mt Gambier now?

I accused him of not considering me. He was like if I didn’t consider you I’d have gone cycling with my mates or go up to Tocumwal to spend time with my friend on Thursday night and not wait til Saturday to go with you!

I was furious! It’s not like I was making him drive me all the way back to Melbourne? It’s not like I’ve asked much of him? Through out this relationship?

He just took off on his bike. Leaving me in the caravan not knowing when he’d be back. So I cooked my lunch and ate it without him.

I’ve never done that before. We usually have our meals together.

And I did have a think about it. Once I’d calm down. I mean here I am a grown independent woman depending on a guy to take me to a train station. How silly was that?

I can take myself to the damn station via a taxi or I’ll drive myself home with a hire car.

He came back from his ride acting all cute like nothing has happened. Cooked up a steak which he shared with me!

I told him look if it’s that much trouble forget it I’ll just pay for a taxi to Ararat.

He was like I’ve got plans. We’re going to Warrnambool. This was after telling me he’s planned a surprise dinner at the pub in Dunkeld! A Michelin star pub!

His idea was another hike! Nice pub meal and relax then he’ll take me to the bus stop in town for me to go home!

But because I wanted to go home from Warrnambool we are not eating at the pub!

Like I’d care? That afternoon I just wanted to go home. If he wasn’t agreeable I would have caught the taxi! Went home and that would be the end of our relationship.

We stayed at his friend’s in Warrnambool on Monday night. When he found out our plans on Tuesday he was like look V give me your number. If you go walkies and need me to take you to the station just ring me! I’m only working down the road I’ll come back and take you!

I was touched! It’s like his friend cared more than him!

The thing was in the end he didn’t make it to Mount Gambier! The client was too busy to see him. He drove home late on Wednesday night from Warrnambool to be in the office on Thursday!

Which meant we could have driven home together on Tuesday!

My friend was like he doesn’t like you enough to make the effort V.

I replied wasn’t it you that said men don’t get it? You’ve got to tell them what you want?

His main gripe was I made him drive towing his caravan on one of the worse days for traffic! Easter Monday! Well on the way to Warrnambool we saw probably 4-5 cars? That’s because it’s school holidays!