I had a long chat with Mr Boardie last night. I’ve known him for awhile now. He’s trained as an engineer so I trust his dissecting skills. If you give him a problem he’ll analyse it and gives you a solution.

Well my problem was Mr Wanderer. I lamented that either he’s not a sexual being? Or he doesn’t find me sexually attractive. We hardly have sex. He doesn’t give me kisses. Or cuddles. I’m always the one initiating. I thought men love sex?

He tells me I’ve got 3 options.

1/ put up with a sexless relationship.

2/ discreetly have lovers

3/ leave the relationship to find someone more suitable.

He also told me he’s worried about me.

“It’s a hard one you know him

Better than me. The fact you are starting to doubt your own sexiness is more of a concern. That shows it’s having a negative impact on you…. which isn’t good”

“You are damn attractive…. and hot sexually….. don’t doubt that”

The thing is out of the two guys I can talk to Mr Boardie. There’s a connection. And out of the two? I trust Mr Boardie to have my back. I don’t trust Mr Wanderer at all.

Do I keep chipping away? Or do I just give up on him? I’m tired of it all. I love sex! I love anal too. I can have it every day.

I haven’t seen him since Tuesday when he saw me off in Warrnambool. He drove back from Bendigo yesterday (Sunday) and didn’t even think to pop by to visit me. His reasoning he’s too tired. And wants a quiet night.

I had to say look I’ve got stuff for dinner. Pop by and I’ll cook you dinner. It’s not like you’re getting a quiet night with your housemate’s kids there? After dinner he left to go home.

“Thanks for a lovely dinner I am now half organised! And jumping into bed. Good night😘”