I’ve been in denial! I have spent the morning sorting out my finances. Have made an appointment with the financial adviser. She’s not available til early May.

I’ve also contacted the mortgage broker to see how much I can borrow. I want to either upgrade or buy an investment property.

Will talk to my daughter too! To see if she’ll go in half with me. Help her buy! Two incomes is better than one. Plus he’s already eluded to me not being to borrow much since they don’t look too kindly on rental income vs salaried income.

And forget about bridging loans! The banks are notoriously difficult with it! Which means I’ll have to sell and settle first then use that money to settle the other place.

Worse comes to worse I can rent off the new owner? Or move back to my parents place?

Anyhow all good! Gives me something to work towards! A focus rather than floundering around.

I love my apartment so it will be hard to leave this place.

As for Mr Wanderer? I saw him last night for dinner. He asked if I wanted to meet up. Only to find out he’s off to Geelong tomorrow night so we can’t meet as planned.

Which means I won’t see him now until Saturday! As I’ve got the kids tonight, Wednesday he’s in Geelong, Salsa Thursday and the kids again on Friday.

It sucks now that life is back to normal. When he was working from home we had more time together.

One good thing? We did it twice! Here is hoping he’s got the hint!