The agent rang me the other day. He had one to show me across the road. It was a two beds, two baths and a normal car space plus storage. The bedrooms all had external views and it’s on ground floor! With its own access to the streets.

To sum it up it ticked all of my boxes! And very tempting on the whole.

The thing is I came home and had a look around. I can’t possibly fit all of my crap into that two bedrooms 😂

And how am I going to hang my clothes out to dry? The little balcony size courtyards faces the street! My underwear will be on display for the whole world to see 😂

I mean for 200K more all I’m getting is an extra bathroom. The second bedroom and living area equates to my living area now!

Plus it didn’t have that feeling. You know the one you walk in and your heart just know it’s home? So I guess it’s another no!