He can’t commit to the weekend. It’s Saturday morning here.

For all I know we are leaving this afternoon for somewhere? And coming back on Monday. Just don’t ask me where?

Which means this morning I’ll have to go do groceries.

I won’t need much. I did some yesterday. Just need some berries and milk for our cereal in the morning. I might buy some porridge since it’s getting cold.

And some vegies to go with the meat in my freezer. Bread? Cold meat for lunch? Fruit? Snacks for our hikes/bike rides.

One thing for sure I don’t want what happened last time to be a recurring theme. If he’s not willing to take me to the train station then it’s not on.

Very proud of myself! $8 later I’ve solved my wardrobe problem! The rod fitted perfectly.

I made a big pot of curry.gave my kids 3 full take away containers for them to eat tomorrow. I left one for us.

I always tend to cook too much. I asked them if they’d take the left overs? My youngest was like yes mum. She said there’s usually nothing to eat for lunch?

Part of me feels guilty. Every time they come I give them left overs to go home. It means another meal for them.

Just heard from him!

“Just trying to figure out what’s the best thing to do this weekend. As Monday I have work, and quite a bit of it! And I would like to do some work on my Bendigo house”

My reply:

I was hoping we’d go in another direction and have at least tomorrow together? Since Monday you’re busy! Now looks like your Sunday is busy too!

Which means I’ll only see you this afternoon and that’s it!

We didn’t see each other much last weekend. You only popped by for dinner and that’s with me asking you to!

His reply:

No, I was not planning to do any work tomorrow