My breakfast at Thick as Thieves. Bacon and egg with a side of Broccolini. And a latte. It was yum! Just enough!

I’m surprised that the cafe scene was very close to the station.

The waiting room. It’s just beautiful. I had to line up to collect my ticket. I figured I’ll pick it up early just in case.

The tour started at the station and the information centre is adjacent to the station.

I followed the trail.

The app was quite easy to use. All you do is click on the number and it tells you about the building.

I just love old buildings. The lacework..

The school

The court house

The old bank

The wool store that’s now a Quest.

The theatre. This one is of an earlier date than the one in Melbourne. About 3 years earlier.

The GPO. Reminds me of the one in Melbourne.

The platform. I splurged again and booked first class. You get a bigger seat and a bigger tray table.

My companion was a young guy. He’s from Darwin and he travelled down for a party about 1 hour drive east of Albury.

He’s on his way home to Darwin. He was like Melbourne is too big and busy for me.

I pretty much timed it right. I had just enough time to grab a juice, pie and donut before hopping on the train.

I skipped one stop, the Botanical Garden pond. As it was out of the way.