Mr Walkies emailed me to ask me how I am as he saw I haven’t posted. So here’s my news!

I’m now a mum of three adult kiddies!

How cool is this?

Mr Wanderer was away all week. I was getting lonely and feeling quite down. Been bawling my eyes out every night of the week.

Reason was I couldn’t see any future in us. And it made me sad.

Poor Mr Boardie have had a tough week too. His rally racing ended up with 3 deaths. He did win 2 categories of the championship though. He’s that good. Though it was marred by the deaths.

Upon finding how down I was he invited me to his birthday celebrations. He was trying to cheer me up.

Lately I’ve been trying to just keep afloat.

Melbourne last Saturday. I was heading off for a walk.

Getting ready for the Latin festival.

It was either the festival or his party. Of course I wouldn’t miss his 50th!

Mr Boardie always has my back which I’m appreciative of it.

As for Mr Wanderer he ended up with a new niece. He did keep his word though and came back on Sunday morning for my friend’s 50th.

He drove back early from Bendigo so we could go for a coffee and just spend some time together.

The first thing he said to me was you scrubbed up well? When you want to? Guess he only ever see me in jeans or leggings or hiking gear.

I was hoping for more time but he had to head back to Bendigo for a family dinner that night. So pretty much left after the lunch.

The lunch was held at a fancy venue. We all pigged out on a three course meal! Plus all the nibbles before hand and coffee and macarons to finish off.

Not only that the wine was overflowing. I had one glass of champagne. Mr Wanderer had a few.

I stayed til the end as I’m one of her longest friend. Gave her a helping hand with her mum.

Her husband was like we should invite you guys over for a BBQ. As he wanted to discuss bike trips with Mr Wanderer.

That was Sunday.

Mr Wanderer came by last night after dinner with his mate and spent the night with me.

We talked about us. I told him how sad I was. How I didn’t see any future in us. He just laughed it off. He thinks I’m hilarious.

I asked him am I

A) a friend

B) a FWB

C) a girl friend

He replied C) you’re my girl friend

Last night he was more attentive and we shagged. We shagged again this morning. And we cuddled.

I’ve been working the last 4 days! They called me in to help out the Friday, Monday, Tuesday and my day yesterday.

Thus I’m loaded this week! I’m pretty beat though. One good thing the hospital passed their accreditation.

As for me? I’d better go organise Mother’s Day pressie for Mum.

And just take it easy today. I’m still recovering from work. It’s been a hell of a week.

Messy! My tech had days off to recover from her chemo. In her place I had an intern that failed his exam 3 times! He was robotic to say the least! Then my other intern was fasting for Ramadan thus as the days went on the more she wilted!

I did see the regional manager. She came for the accreditation. Thus I could air my views about our struggles.

Fingers crossed they will give us an intern!