He wasn’t planning to see me this weekend. I was like what? I wait for the weekend every week to spend time with you?

I know you’re a busy man. All I’m asking is half a day together. It’s a bonus to spend the whole day together?

You told me last weekend you didn’t have time? And this weekend no time again?

Don’t tell me you turned up at my place at 10pm on Thursday night and spending the night was in lieu of this weekend?

Spending the night doesn’t count as time spent together since you’re asleep!

Part of me is frustrated. The other part was like why do I bother?

So last night he came for dinner! He was early for once! I’ll give him that one! He’s trying!

We went out to a bar. I had a Sangria.

It was a quirky little place in Northcote. Playing was a Colombian band.

Photos from Mr Wanderer! I didn’t take any as I was sitting to the right hand side. An awkward angle.

You buy tickets to the gig but there’s no price. You just make a donation.

I left it to Mr Wanderer to pay. Since he took me out.

He left this morning for Bendigo after our walk along the beach. I wrapped up the little jacket for his niece.

He told me I shouldn’t have. I told him it’s not for him! It’s for his niece. Her parents always house us when we are in Bendigo so just something little for her.

I made Mother’s Day cards..he chose the top right for his mum. My mum is getting the matching one in the middle.

I figured with him running around he won’t have time to buy a card!

I already got mine a voucher to a French restaurant. So she can go eat with dad. As for today I’m grabbing food for lunch from a Korean place.

Waiting for 11:55am to order! Then 12:30pm to go pick up.

Two of my kids and my sisters are joining me.

I sent him off with some grapes to eat along the way. His neck is bothering him. It’s getting worse as days goes by.

May be that’s why he’s a grumpy bum. Some days I wonder?

Enough of my whinging! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there. Hope your kids spoil you rotten!

My son is getting me a durian cake. My oldest got me an ethically made basket. She got her potential MIL one as well but a different colour one.