They are telling us that we need to get vaccinated!

Well no! Not when the government is saying we’ll have the Pfizer one by end of the year? For the general public!

At the moment the cut off age for the Pfizer is 50! I’m like 6 months too old!

Problem is the risk of getting clots though minuscule is climbing by the day!

I mean first they tell us it’s one in 1,000,000. Then it became 3 in a 1,000,000 then 6 now it’s 24 in 2,100,000! So 1 in every 87,500 people will get it.

The other thing is well the risk of getting COVID in Oz is less than getting the flu! We’ve only got a handful of cases!

If the risk is so low why would anyone vaccinate? Plus once you get the clots you’ve got a 25% chance of dying? I don’t care if I die! I care if I get a stroke and end up being a vegetable! Playing Russian roulette much?

Hence why I’m dithering! My gum guy yesterday told me the risk is so low! He then went on to say he’s had the jab! I asked him which one? Of course the Pfizer jab as he’s associated with a nursing home. That last bit was hard to swallow!

Anyhow I’m going to be one of the sitting ducks for now. I’m not convinced!