Mr Wanderer texted to say he’s tired from being up til 2am consoling his housemate. His girlfriend has just broken up with him after a nice weekend away.

I was like ummmm. Okie so his mate earns good money! He’s loveable according to Mr Wanderer.

The thing is his girlfriend also earns good money so that bit is irrelevant!

So it boiled down to him and what he brings to the relationship!

She has 2 young kids. She needs someone to share her load! Not add to it!

Being with him means she’ll end up with his 2 young kids, one with special needs, plus him who is like another kid! I mean if it was me I’d bolt for the hills!

Told Mr Wanderer if his mate wants her back he’d better show her he can share her load and not add to it.

Which is highly unlikely! What he needs is a girl who is financially dependent on him to put up with 3 kids! Or a maid/housekeeper!