Last night he gave me two options. Go out or just sit by the fire at his place.

Since it was a beautiful warm night I opted for the fire. I drove there and there was no car in the driveway so I parked in the driveway.

Next thing I knew was could you please move your car? Apparently his housemate has just detailed his car. He needs to park under the car port.

I got defensive straight away! So? I’ve just washed my car! Plus what’s the point? Since he needs to move it out early tomorrow to go pick up the kids!

I did go out to move my car though. I moved it deeper in so there’s room for his housemate’s new Merc!

He told me later on that in the lease agreement his housemate gets the car port!

Then dinner time came around and he wouldn’t start cooking. I was like I’m getting hangry! Don’t tell me you’re waiting for your lover boy to come home before you start cooking?

After that we went in to prep! I started to wash the fish fillets after he told me not to saying his housemate doesn’t like his fish washed as bacteria everywhere.

And why do I still wash it? The internet says it’s bad for you. With that he stormed off outside.

Well I washed it because I always wash my meat and fish! Don’t bloody care what the internet says! Has he ever got sick with my cooking? NO! Plus the fish fillets didn’t look fresh.

I came out later with tears running down my cheek. He apologised. I told him it feels like he puts his housemate on a pedestal! As for me I don’t mean nothing!

The original plans was for us to go out then come back to my place. Go for a bike ride in the morning. Have lunch and he heads off to watch a netball match with his niece and sister.

Well I thought it still holds? Until I found out the next morning he was going to ditch me for lunch with his sister’s family?

And that was planned the day before! As they were all going to catch the train in together? Planned by his sister!

I was like? Why do I have to fight everyone to have some time with you?

He was like it’s family?

Me..Well you’re watching netball with them?

Him..I don’t know what to do? In the end he suggested to his sister that they have dinner instead!

I said to him..look I have nothing against you spending time with your family. Next time what about including me?

Oh you’ve met most of my family? You’ve met my mum and dad?

No? Only your brother as he’s cool about it?

I have a hunch he’s keeping me as far as he can from this sister! It was this one that broke him up with his girl friend long ago. It was also her that introduced him to his last girl friend that cheated on him. They are as thick as thieves!

After all that he went to do a few chores and I helped with the weeding. We adjourned for morning tea..then more work before heading off for lunch.

He treated me to lunch at the cafe then home to shag! And grabbed stuff.

After the shag he said “thank you” I was like I’m your girl friend not your whore?

I ended up driving him to the arena as it was on the way home.

He wanted to ride his bike but I think he ran out of time.

I sent him this! With a message to say you don’t have to thank me. I’d rather a kiss and a cuddle!