It’s already Thursday! Time flies! Not!

I haven’t really been out at all. The weather has been really bad. Except for work yesterday I’ve been home!

Today I attended a webinar about COVID vaccines! How to convince our patients or others to get vaccinated! And how the AZ vaccine is pretty safe!

And then what happened? Another death from the AZ vaccine! The woman was 52 years old! My cousin texted me to say may be they will raise the age for the Pfizer now.

At the moment the cut off age is 50! And I’m 6 months too old!

Tomorrow our restrictions will ease! We can travel within 25km (15.5 miles).

Still no in home gathering. To see my kids we either have to go for a walk! Or eat out! I’ve yet to talk to them! Haven’t seen them for 2 weeks. Not the weather for walking! It’s grey, wet and miserable.

At least we can go shopping and eat out again. I’m missing my noodle soups. Just the fact that you can sit down to eat your meal is a bonus.

I asked for two weeks off work last month and now we can’t go anywhere. Can’t even go to the regional areas let alone interstate!

I’m so sick of COVID!

I stocked up for work! Our snack corner was looking a bit bare.

Last night I made pikelets. I was bored! Plus I needed to use the cream up!

Mr Wanderer went home on Tuesday night. He said to me he always sleep well at my place as it’s so quiet. I think it’s more we have dinner earlier. It’s also warm and he has someone to hold hands with in bed.