I went walkies today! I’ve been out since 10am! It’s now 6:23pm.

First I took the bus in..went exploring as the Target in the CBD is now a Kmart! Nothing much to see! All their own brand!

So I took the tram to Richmond for noodle soup and a dessert. After that I continued on to Box Hill about half an hour away.

You guessed it! My second lunch for today! Even now I’m still full! The waiter was like would you like something else? Little did he know I’d already eaten 😂

The tram ride was quite unpleasant from Richmond to Kew! Druggies on the tram making me feel a bit uncomfortable.

And now the government wants to put another injecting room in between our two main stations..Flinders St and Southern Cross!

The idiot who thought up of that should go jump! The theory is that they owe the other parties favours to get their vote through!

Anyhow it would ruin Melbourne if it goes ahead! The poor businesses!

Melbourne at night. I’ve got another half an hour before dinner! Haven’t seen my kids for 2 weeks! Not sure if all three can come. Might be just the two younger ones.

Lockdown is over! Not!