And Gone!

He came by yesterday to take me out! So I polished my CFM boots and off we went. Since everywhere was booked out as expected we took the tram into the city.

I suggested that may be we should just front up and queue for one of the little Asian eateries.

We were in luck as my favourite Thai haunt was accepting walk ins and had a table in 10-15 minutes.

It’s a quirky little place and he loved the food. After that we headed next door for a drink.

It’s an old English pub!

After a drink he was starting to fade! Apparently he had 6 pints of beer with his kinder mate the night before. So we took the tram back home. We were in bed by 11pm. And slept in til 9am this morning!

He then suggested to go grab brunch. So we did!

We grabbed it in Seddon!

Then spent an hour in Supercheap Auto so he could get fluid for his hydraulic jack.

I drove as he’s still got his trailer in tow. He’s gone now to help a workmate move! Don’t know when I’ll see him again.

Just like that and he’s gone!