OK I get that he’s trying! He said he’ll come around 6pm for a walk.

Well 6pm came and went and nothing. Then he messaged to say he’s out the front so I came out and couldn’t find him.

Rang and rang and he didn’t pick up! Messaged and messaged and he didn’t reply.

By then I’ve had it. I was in the middle of prepping dinner and I dropped everything to go walkies.

He was on the phone to his cousin! Oh and of course he was hungry! That man!

We walked as far as the pier where the Spirit docked and came back.

I spent my afternoon baking. Made 24 mini ones.

I warmed up a mini quiche for him to snack whilst the rice was cooking. He helped himself to some packet chips too!

He wanted to shower so I was like you’ve got 5 minutes! I’d only just put the lamb on the skillet. Anyhow he fluffed and fluffed and didn’t go until 2 minutes left.

I was annoyed so I started dinner before him. Usually I’d wait to eat together but my patience was running thin! I had the lamb cutlets on the skillet and in this weather it gets cold very fast! I wasn’t going to eat my yummy lamb cutlets cold!

This morning he jumped out of bed at 7am as he had training to do that was due last Friday!

I woke up feeling quite dizzy and the room spinning. Made us both a drink and cereal and left it on the table and I crawled back into bed. I felt like I was going to throw up.

Next thing I knew it was nearly 10am. Got up to find he’s had his breakkie. I ate some left over rice to try and settle my tummy.

He told me he wanted to go for a walk at 10am to grab coffee.

I got ready and waited! We didn’t leave until 10:45am. Went down to the beach to find the cafe he had in mind didn’t have inside seating! Just a little booth where they sell their coffee!

In the end we walked further along and found a place. It serves American BBQ at night and also coffee and breakfast.


They used to be in Port but have relocated to the next suburb.

By the time we got back to my place it was 11:40am. I practically had to drag him home as he had a 1pm business meeting about 35 minutes drive from me.

We sat down to lunch at 12pm. Mini Quiches that I microwaved and then into the oven to crisp. I also cut up some fruit for him to munch on the way.

If he had left then he’d have been on time. Nope! Mr Wanderer decided that he needed a shower! Even though he has had one the night before.

Then he had phone calls that he absolutely had to make!

I shooed him out at 12:29pm! Still in his trackies and hiking shoes!

He had no shirt in his suitcase! He assured me he’s got a jumper to go over his T-shirt. May be a pair of business pants? Fingers crossed he had shoes with him.

Lucky he had a shower as my towel reeked of BO! Found he’s helped himself to my deodorant as well. Saw the door to my cupboard opened.

From my calculations not sure how he would have made it to the meeting by 1pm?

Now I know why he’s always late! He’s not very good at prioritising stuff!

And me? I left too with some quiche for my cousin.

My oldest wanted to try out a Japanese place in Albert Park. When they saw the menu and how much it costed they changed their minds and opted for Parmas instead. They told me it’s too expensive!

We will head to The Exchange for dinner. They’ve got one of the best Parmas in Melbourne!

They are so big we usually go half and order sides to go with it! On Wednesdays they have cheap $19 Parmas. Not tonight though as it’s only Tuesday and the only night I get all of my 3 kids together!