Today is my first day of holidays! And nowhere to go.

I had a bad dream last night. Mr Wanderer went cycling so I took my bike out to try and catch up to him.

Somehow half way I had a flat and so I rang him and it turned out he wasn’t coming back! Or was he waiting for me to catch up! As he was in his car on the way home.

I woke up spaced out. Last night I tried to cheer up a new friend. She’s just had a car accident! Thus stayed up til near midnight.

Not only that just found out one of the nurses I used to work with, her daughter’s got bone cancer and now awaiting an above knee amputation.

The poor girl is only 24, around my kids’ age! So went in to donate some money for them. It’s so sad.

Anyhow ended up spending most of my day in bed. Nothing to do, nowhere to go.

I was going to head to the market today to grab some food and then go to my parents to drop it off.

Well that didn’t happen as the market was one of hot spots so they’ve closed for cleaning.

Why I love Port so much. It’s safe! I can walk at night by myself without worrying someone will attack or mug me.

Plus I had ulterior motives. I was craving some scallop at the fish and chips near the pier!

And guess what? They were closed! 😩

On the way back I passed another F&C and whola they were opened. I’ve never been even though they are only about two blocks from me!

Not too bad! A bit more pricey than the other place! I think I still prefer the one at the pier.

Whilst waiting I went to the bottle shop.

It’s going straight into my fridge.