I fell in love with Port years ago. When I first knew Mr Boardie. He made me fall in love with it.

It’s like a little seaside village yet so very close to the city.

I’m on Dow St a block away from Bay St. The main Street of Port.

The IGA , the Grocer and Coles all have their own liquor store! When I’m lazy I just go to the Grocer as it’s the closest. Otherwise I head to Coles! The biggest out of the three.

As you can see there’s plenty of food all around me! I can have Italian, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, brunch stuff, nice coffees and pastries. That’s why I need my walks 😂

And I’m about 20-25 minutes walk to the South Melbourne market. There’s more cafes and restaurants there too! Or I can head to Albert Park which has even more food!

I’m about 10-12 minutes walk to the light rail! And about 5 minutes to 2 bus routes. One by the beach and one where Coles is.

There is another tram route but about 15 minutes walk away! It’s a round about route so it’s not an option.

The other reason I love Port is when I have visitors they can still park without having to feed the meter! It’s a big, big deal since I’m only about 45 minutes walk into the Central Business District of Melbourne.

For an inner city suburb it’s pretty safe! You can’t beat it.