You guessed it. I’m a sucker for anything sweet. One of the girls from meetup organised a group of us to go to the donut festival on Sunday!

Oopsies for posting back to front!

Our meeting place!

There was live music.


And long queues! See the white tent in the horizon? That’s where we are queuing up for!

At this point the line became a stand still! They’ve ran out of donuts 😩

Since we were committed we waited! Yes I did score a donut after near two hours of lining up 😩 and not even the one I wanted that was on their website! As they didn’t have the whole selection 😩

We could have caught the tram to their donut place and it would have only taken us half an hour by tram 😩

I went to my ramen chain only to find they didn’t have my favourite ramen on menu 😩

Instead of my usual black garlic ramen I ordered ramen with a lobster broth! I think they meant bug broth as I ordered the whole tail and it’s tiny!

It was yummy though and expensive as! Next time I think I’ll just order the lobster broth with the pork instead!