Dark smooth and rich! I’ve been munching on Lindt dark chocolate!

Mr Wanderer came by on Wednesday night after his trip. He’s been with me ever since then. He’s heading off to have dinner with his mates as my kids are coming over.

He was very nice yesterday wanting to go out to dinner with me.

I ended up ordering dinner as it was getting late. He ended up offering to drive me to dance class then waited in the car catching up on work before driving me home.

This morning he took me for a walk and we had lunch out. I think he felt bad as I paid for dinner last night.

We had lunch at a little Italian place called Bella Cosi. They had really great service!

We were going to go eat somewhere else but we were running late! Then the alternative where we had coffee the other day didn’t have light meals!

So we ended up with Bella Cosi by default! So glad we found it. At this rate I’ll be back for their egg and bacon roll!

I particularly like this quote! Pleasure is a sin! Sinning is a pleasure 😂

We talked about his housemate. Since the guy is in counselling! He’s not doing too well. I told Mr Wanderer loving someone unconditionally is hard! Because you’ve got to love all their good and bad traits! Anyhow, if you can’t it’s better to leave than to drag things out? As it will only get harder?

He looked at me funny when I said that.

After lunch I headed off to have my COVID vaccine. Arm is a bit sore otherwise I’m okie. He rang to wish me good luck with the vaccine.

I can’t figure him out some days! I knew him coming to stay meant he’s trying to make up for being away. It’s always like that.

This Sunday he’s going to Bendigo to spend time with his kinder mate and to say goodbye to his mum. She is dying and only got 1-2 weeks left.

I doubt I’ll see him tomorrow as he’s only been with me the last few days.

Which meant this weekend I’ll be alone.

found a church!

And of course our famous biscuit factory. They were well known for their ginger biscuits!

Dinner with my kids!

Lots of seafood going into that chowder. And guess what I forgot? Crispy bacon pieces 😩 Still tasted pretty good! I need to write it all down for my recipe book.