What is love? I don’t know?

He drew this on my door this morning!

We visited our new coffee haunt.

Guess what the next word is after naughty?

Corner! Of course!

He’s since gone to Bendigo. Not expected back til Tuesday or Wednesday. He’s been quite loving lately.

I caught a train to Springvale for a wander and my aunty was home so went to visit her. When she heard I still had to cook dinner for Mr Wanderer she gave me some spring rolls.

We had it with noodles, salad and some roast pork I bought in the city on the way home.

We ate it all!

Me having some fun with his new cycling sunglasses!

And I’m off soon! Not sure where as yet! Will ring and see if my ex-sister/ niece in laws are home to come for a visit.

Kind of miss them! Or else off to Box Hill for some broken rice. Or the market to buy stuff to cook and chuck stuff in my freezer.

Too many possibilities when I have nothing on!