We are all sitting tight! Melbourne has zero new cases!

As for Sydney well they are not doing too great!

The graph is pretty horrific. See the red line? That’s our second wave! Their numbers have reached that even way faster than us!

77 new cases the other day and still waiting to hear today.

Victoria has slammed the borders with NSW shut. Mr Wanderer was supposed to go to Sydney and now he’s stuck!

I’ve emailed Jungle Boy aka Zeus! I call him that as he looks like Zeus! He’s in Sydney. He’s not too happy about it.

Looks like it’s not going to be 2 weeks of lock down. They were supposed to come out of it Friday! I doubt it. It will be months! We had 112-113 days before they released us!

Let see how Sydney handles it! Are they any better at it than us?

Today I’m off to go cook for the community kitchen. I might grab lunch and groceries beforehand.