Time! I’m bored sh…tless. Feels like I’ve lost my mojo all year!

The lockdowns have messed with my head. I now don’t have any projects or anything that I feel needs doing. And if they do I take so long doing them it’s scary!

For someone that’s used to running around on all cylinders I’m now pretty much a couch/bed potato.

I have no courses I really want to study. My voluntary work is now one Monday a month cooking at the community kitchen.

That was yesterday. I made 7 boxes of Asian dessert! Helped prep for soup.

My primary job is one day a week. My second job with the cruise ship is on hold indefinitely!

As for my apartment it’s pretty much all set up. I’m sure I can find things to do to it but I’m hesitant just in case I want to sell it.

So it leaves me at a stalemate! Feels like I’m not going anywhere soon!

The reason I’m in an apartment is because it’s safe. The other is less room, less clutter and less bills! And the most important is because I want to travel.

I can lock up and go! No need to worry about mail or rubbish! My mail has been diverted to a PO box. Whenever I’ve got mail they send me an email to remind me to go and collect.

My kids I see twice a week. Just got dinner. They don’t need time for anything.

So then what is there to do except to waste time?

This morning all I’ve managed is 2 loads of clothes. Turned the dehumidifier on to dry out my bedroom. Washed a load of dishes. Wipe my stove! Paid for my salsa class!

I’ve been meaning to sort out stuff but one day just blends into the next.

My thinking lately has been oh well if I can’t finish it today there’s always tomorrow!

I’m off soon to walk into the city. Get my 10,000 steps. Meet the kids for dinner. And that’s another day wasted.