We are locked down again! As of midnight tonight! For 5 days! It’s crazy! I doubt it will be 5 days!

All those people at the football! Are now close contacts!

You remember that bridge? Well? wouldn’t it be great?

Three removalists brought it from Sydney! I’m so mad!

Mr Wanderer is coming back to my place to go have dinner. Then he’ll take me to salsa.

I’m over COVID!

I went to a renovators’ paradise store. They stocked the ones Mr Wanderer was looking for.

I didn’t buy them as he’s fussy as so he can go buy them himself.

The other night walking in to dinner.

Really pretty at night.

Can you see the bar?

And our Art precinct. That’s the Arts centre. Can you see the ballerina’s tutu?

I’d better go get change. Off to have Greek again. We tend to share a platter and 2 skewers.

I don’t really want to go dancing tonight. Feeling a bit down. Mr Wanderer advised me to go. He said you might not get to go for awhile.

18 cases already! Since the 8th! It’s only the 15th today.