Why are we in lockdown? 24 cases since zero cases on Sunday! So in 5 days! Sydney has ballooned to 1000 cases in a month!

For us it’s because people caught the virus watching a football game sitting outdoor! That’s why!

They are worried as to how contagious this particular Delta strain of the virus is.

I spent part of yesterday rearranging my apartment. What else is there to do?

I’ve since moved my wall divider against the wall.

I’m selling my bench to make room.

Next bit is to donate my novels. I need to declutter. My living area is around 31.5m2 or 340sq feet. Which is pretty good for a 1 bedroom apartment.

Total is 61m2 or 657sq feet. Much bigger than a tiny home!

I wanted to sell my little baby Weber BBQ too but Mr Wanderer advised me against it. Since I can’t sell it for much anyway. Plus I’ve just bought new grill plates for it.

So even though it’s old it’s got all new parts. He said we can have a BBQ one day.

Anyhow not sure what his plans are for tonight or this weekend for that matter. Being locked down means he can’t go anywhere apart from visiting me since I’m his intimate partner.

We are locked in a 5km radius so roughly about 3 miles radius unless you’re visiting your single bubble or intimate partner.

Only take away food and essentials are opened. Thank goodness we can still get a good COFFEE! TAKE AWAY! And of course the most important thing of all ALCOHOL to drown our sorrows!

One good thing I don’t have to depend on the supermarket for fresh meat and vegetables as I can still go to the market.

Plus me being so close to the CBD it’s in my 5km radius. I can even walk with my friend who’s outside the 5km as we can still meet in the middle.

This is our 5th lockdown! We are the most lockdown state of Australia!

Waiting for Mr Wanderer to come back from his ride! He’s grabbing lunch/stuff to make lunch. He asked me what I would like for lunch? I told him surprise me?