I doubt it! It’s blown out now! 19 new cases today.

We woke up late today. Sleeping in to 10am. I fed him breakfast! He went for a bike ride. Then I fed him lunch and shooed him home. He’s been at my place since Thursday evening.

He tells me I’m amazing! Ha more like amazing to accept there are 4 in this relationship! His housemate! And his other mate Mr Nipple clamper! The one I dated for 2 dates! Don’t think he’ll ever let me forget that one!

The city was dead! For a mid Saturday it looked like a ghost town. The clock is part of Flinders St station. One of our major metro station. I’m walking along South bank.

I love this building! Recently you can look in. Before the external doors were usually closed.

Can you see our shed? It’s lovingly called Jeff’s shed after one of our premiers. As it looks like a shed!

If you zoom in there are people lining up! It’s one of our vaccination hubs. It’s my local one.

The line outside doesn’t mean there’s no more lining up! That line will get you through the door.

Then there’s another line to the reception booths where they ask for your ID and Medicare details.

After that there’s another line depending on whether you’re getting the AZ or the Pfizer! Usually the Pfizer is a mile long and the AZ only a handful of people!

I treated myself to an apple pie. They’ve got a birthday celebration promotion where you can get one for $1.50 instead of $2.60.

That way I can walk home eating sans mask.

I also treated myself to a pizza to go with my seafood chowder! Most of it are in boxes stashed in my freezer! For when I go to work!

Bought the newspaper to catch up on news! Though the news is old now since it hasn’t got today’s numbers!

As for me I’ve had a shower since I got drenched, some pizza and nice and snug under my blankie waiting for the 5 o’clock news.