I’m wondering why? He’s declined his sister twice. I know it’s lockdown but they are close as!

He tells me he’s not feeling 100%. He was gamed to go to dinner. But he didn’t go twice!

His sister invited him last night and then again tonight!

He asked me when his lover girl was free? After I jokingly told him he’d better join his lover boy for dinner! It’s lockdown! I’m free every day except for Wednesday when I go to work 😂

My view for lunch.

My lunch. 3 massive scallops and minimum chips. They are the best in Port!

No one told us we couldn’t eat outdoor! So I sat on one of the benches looking out on to the water.

We are not allowed to eat in. During lockdown they only allow take away. Many people were like me. Sitting, dotting the benches along the boardwalk.

Tonight he’s working on his diesel heater tank! He’s bought a smaller tank for the caravan.

I can’t wait til we can go away again. I miss going away. It’s nice just to have him to myself and just us and nature away from this crazy world!

When you’re in the middle of nature it feels like nothing is that bad.