We will know our fate tomorrow! Lockdown is not ending tomorrow (Tuesday) that’s for sure. Though we don’t know how long as yet!

I took off again to try to get my 10,000 steps. I spent all day watching Jane The Virgin on Netflix. It’s hilarious. Days Of Our Lives Spanish version! And eating chocolate!

I feel bad that the restaurants invest in outdoor eating areas and then having to close.

Looking back on the river. The upside down river! You can see how big our Flinders St station is!

Our motto in Latin! It means she gathers strength as she goes! Well Melbourne hasn’t been doing too well of late!

I rewarded myself with some boat noodle soup take away. It’s not the same as eating in. I thought I might just eat it by the riverside but ummmm they boxed it up in boxes rather than a plastic bowl so no go!

I tend to catch the train from Melbourne Central to Southern Cross now to connect with my light rail. It’s much quicker! If the train is not running late I’ll make it to my connection with a few minutes to spare.

Train coming!

A refurbished old train. With the whole carriage for little Miss V.

A bit scary today. A druggie must have hopped on the wrong tram. Usually they hang around North Richmond near the injecting rooms ie..going in the other direction not down to Port.

He was quite aggressive and looking for a fight. I felt quite intimidated. Thank goodness he didn’t get down at my stop.

I think he must have realised and will go back to where he came from once the tram turns around.

Mr Wanderer working on his shower! He’s getting there slowly! He had to buy all new fittings as he bought a cheap unit and it came with plastic looking stuff that would surely spring a leak.

I wonder if I’ll get to use it next time I’m there?

He’s coming to have lunch with me tomorrow. He’s forgotten that I work on Wednesdays and him coming tomorrow night wouldn’t be any good! As I tend to go to bed early!

I haven’t seen him since Saturday! Wasn’t very impressed as he went on a bike ride and we didn’t go walkies.

I’ve asked him to look out for a bike trainer for me so I can get fit. He’s trying to talk me out of it.

I think I’ll make some steamed buns for lunch. Plus I need to bake as well. We are celebrating his birthday early! I’m going to make an effort! He loves Pavlovas 😍 and Pavs are my specialty 😍 haven’t baked one for years though.

As for dinner? Was thinking I’ll take away something but not sure what! I might cook too. Will see.

I’d better go wrap his pressie. And hide it under the bed πŸ˜‚

List for tomorrow candles..eggs..cream..passionfruits..berries