He’s just gone home!

I made a pav for his birthday! Celebrated early!

The worse ever! It crumbled because I piled it too high! Then the cream was whipped but left til after dinner and it flopped!

He loved it though as the only other person who makes him a pav is his mum!

This was a better one! Last time I baked a pav was like 2016 😩 have lost my touch!

I also made steamed buns for his lunch.

And mushroom sauce to go with our steaks for dinner. Aka I spent the whole day baking and cooking!

Afterwards we shared the bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Since I only needed half a cup for my mushroom sauce! I bought a nice one! So we could drink the rest!

This is the one! Very citrusy and quite nice cold! And best of all I bought it cheap! It was on sale!

** photo from the internet!

We finished a bottle of wine last night. He bought it from a boutique liquor store. I like that about him. He’s always supporting the little guys.

I had a little bit and he had the rest. He was recollecting his memory in Mendoza. How much fun he had! With a girl he still keeps in contact.

It was a nice night. From what I can gather his longest relationship was 2-3 years. With the mother of his daughter.

Guess it says something. We have been together for over 1.5 years now.

It was nice of him to organise dinner since I was buggered from work! Lockdown yes! Electives were still going like mad! I had discharges to prepare as 16 out and 14 in today!

Today we went back to our little cafe for a take away coffee. And then we went for a walk! I found this in my own back yard!

Afterwards we came back and had lunch. Had a little nap around 4pm then woke up and I made him a coffee. We ate whatever was left of the pav! He told me yesterday he over indulged on the pav whilst I was at work!

Before he left tonight he asked for a back massage. I obliged. I love touching him! No I’m not infatuated with him anymore! That feeling has since died. Guess it’s love now!

He’s since gone home to cook for his housemate aka lover boy. Tomorrow he’s going cycling with his sister in the afternoon.

As for me I’ve cooked some pasta! Going to heat up my bolognese sauce and catch up on the two episodes of Farmer wants a wife.