The poor dear didn’t do too well.

He told me this morning he didn’t sleep well at all. He was all bloated and had pain through out the night.

He blamed it on my pav!! Too much pav! I blamed it on the alcohol. He drank near 2 bottles in 2 nights!

I guessed it might be gastritis. So told him what to get.

Stubborn him went and got some Mylanta tablets and some degas tablets. Don’t think he trusted me 😂

Tonight he was still not feeling better only ate bananas and a muesli bar for lunch. That’s for not listening to me 😂

I advised him to get some Nexium. Which is over the counter. Have some rice, something light like a soup? No fat, no alcohol, no caffeine, and no fibre. May be some sushi?

Anyhow he’s gone and bought some Nexium! About time! He’s just texted back to say he’s feeling a bit better. He’s had a piece of toast with honey and some peppermint tea.

The other night he let on he’s not drinking as much now as he used to! I’m like a bit worried inside. He did tick all my boxes in the beginning. The longer I’m with him, it seems the boxes are getting unticked.

As for me? My teacher has invited me to give a talk to her students. They are to do their first walking tour soon. Which will be assessed.

I’m to give them tips as to how to go about it! From memory I was terrified! Back then my public speaking skills were pretty lacking. My strong point has always been logistics!

To me there are 5 important points!

1/ duration of the walk- dictates how many stops and commentary.

2/ weather-make sure stops are weather shield since Melnourne’s weather is very unpredictable.

3/ need to finish on time as cruise ships do not wait! Or clients might have appointments to keep.

4/ route-make sure the routes are safe. Also it’s always better to walk downhill rather than up!

5/ make the commentary interesting. Encourage audience participation and associate facts!

No one is going to remember names and dates! But they’ll remember associations! Tell stories!

You know Dame Melba? Her dad built this! For the international exhibition in the late 1800s! That they’ll remember!

Or the boring version..

The Royal exhibition building was built in time for the international exhibition in 1880. The architect was Joseph Reed. The builder was David Mitchell! Bla bla bla..

Hands up who knows why our pubs have two entrances?

To this day none of my tour groups have answered it right! Any takers?

My new toy!

It worked! I shampooed my little rug! Living in an apartment it’s hard to get anyone in to do stuff. No one wants to come just to shampoo carpet for one bedroom and a rug!