I’ve dropped off groceries at his place. His housemate came out wearing his jocks and a stick!

Told him there’s stuff for the fridge. And that he’s still in hospital.

I’m home now will sleep soon. Me Wanderer is still in ED. They’ll transfer him to a short stay ward soon.

I think they are worried. I’m worried as well. He’s had his AZ vaccine a bit over a month ago. He’s still in that window (4-42 days) where you can get blood clots.

It’s not like him to get headaches that won’t go away. Writhing in pain.

I’m glad he’s getting it checked out, still it’s freaking me out.

Only explanations I can think of is that he’s probably not eating, drinking or sleeping properly. Either that or the Nexium that he took? Side effects?

Or he’s having a migraine?

It’s now nearly 1am. I’m off to bed. I’m over tired.

He’s just texted me a photo of him on a bed. They’ve found him a bed. They’ve taken blood tests and left a bung in his arm. He’s been at the hospital since 9pm.

I’ll know more tomorrow. If only he’s waited another 1-2 days I wouldn’t be this worry!