I haven’t heard! All I got was this.

This was from this morning.

No news since lunch. He texted me to say he was dozing on and off and will call me when he can.

It’s now after 6pm. No calls or text. I have a feeling either his phone ran out of battery or he’s dozing off again.

I’ve tried ringing twice. It just goes to his message bank. He’s not answering my text.

I can’t visit because we are in lockdown. I’m tired as I hardly slept last night.

Been out and about all day to keep my mind off him.

I’m home now and snacking. Have defrosted some soup for dinner later.

I’m worried sick and no news. I don’t think it’s clots as it’s been too long since the vaccine.

I think it might be a migraine? I’m worried because I don’t know why they are keeping him in? If it’s a migraine they’d let him go home by now?

And yet the other part of me knows too well the doctors are not really on when it’s the weekend. There’s only minimum staff on.

They tend to do their rounds on the weekdays which means logically they’ll keep him in til Monday so the neuro consultant can review him.

Yet I still worry.