He texted me to tell me he had to wait a very long time for his CT scan as the person before him had a stroke.

He didn’t have access to his phone. And that he had to wait 1-2 hours for his results.

He phoned me after 10pm to say he’s gotten home and have showered and about to brush his teeth and go to bed.

That he’s very tired. And didn’t really sleep all weekend. The lady next to him had a CPAP machine and was very noisy.

Anyhow all results came back good. No clotting. They’ve put his headache and tummy problems as coincidental.

And that it’s probably due to stress. Thus he’s to take the Nexium double dose to make up to the 40mg dosage.

Over here they only sell the 20mg over the counter for a 14 days course.

I’m relieved. He’s been stressed out at work!

I’m also frustrated. He’s pulling away again. Two steps forward one step backward.