To tell.

I went walkies yesterday and well bought lots of food!!

all the joints had counter food for sale as the food courts were all closed. This was the Thai place. Everything was $10.

I ended up with Korean!

At $10 a pop it was a bargain! This was what it looked like. There was a lot of meat! The photo looked deceiving. The black stuff was beans.

I bought 2 boxes, a pork and a beef as I ended up at Mr Wanderer’s last night. I blanched some vegies to supplement our meal. It was yum!

He looked pretty bad! With no eating he’s dropped some weight. So that’s why I came over!! To feed him!! Knowing he hasn’t really eaten. Plus I felt useless. He was sick and I’m somewhere else.

From the look of things he has perked up a bit this morning. We had breakkie and went for a walk and I left him to go home.

He was going to take it easy today. His sister is coming over to visit and he has work this afternoon.

Plus he has no car. It’s at the panel beater. Not sure when he’ll get it back. The thing is he’s not well enough to ride.

I did offer my place knowing his housemate has his kids there but he declined as he wanted to potter in his shed.

The doctors at the hospital advised him to take the whole week off!

He only took yesterday and part of today off! Too much work apparently. He couldn’t afford to. Even though he’s got heaps of sick leave up his sleeve.

Hopefully they will release us today. I haven’t seen the kids for 2 weeks!