I am struggling bad. Netflix and wanderings to waste my days away.

Out of lockdown! I went out to eat dinner with my kids.

I was early! Someone must be trying to cheer us all up!

They wanted Chinese. Thus we went to a our favourite Supper Inn.

Special fried rice, spinach in dried scallop sauce, congee, pippies in XO sauce and Peking ribs.

I think my XO sauce tastes better than theirs!

The pork ribs came out last! It was yum!

Then we went out for dessert.

That was Wednesday night.

Yesterday I spent all day watching Netflix!

Went for a walk with a girl friend in the afternoon.

Last night Mr Wanderer wanted dinner! Asian he said! We ended up near Chinatown to have Thai! Then home to my place for some hot water and Thai dessert.

After that he drove home! He said he’s still not 100%. Meaning we are not going away this weekend. I reminded him to take his tablet since his Pad Thai was spicy!

Last night I felt like we were strangers. Not sure why? Couldn’t shake it off.

Tonight we will head out again. As I can’t have my kids at my place because of restrictions!

I won’t see Mr Wanderer til Saturday. He’s seeing his kinder friend tonight and off for drinks on Saturday.

I think he’s only making an appearance on Saturday! I think last week was a wake up call.

I wonder if he’ll drink tonight? He told me he had 6 pints of beers with his kinder friend a few weeks back! That’s like 3L of beer roughly in one night!

I had a feeling when I met his friends. They were all drinkers! Which means when he’s with them he must drink. He doesn’t really drink with me though! But lately those bottles of wine really did it!

When we went out he used to buy a bottle and drink half and saves half for another meal.

Now it’s like no saving! I’ll have a glass and he just drinks it all!

No wonder his ex girl friend used to hide the bottle away! Me? I just let him. Told him he’s an adult! He should be able to judge when to stop!

Remember Mr UK? He’s been bugging me to fly up to BrisVegas to visit him!

Anyhow he must of gotten sick of waiting as he’s coming down to Melbourne mid August. Only thing is I’m working and have the kids for dinner!

And the next night I’ve got salsa class! So he’s asked me to miss class! He was like I fly all this way and you can’t change your schedule? Told him no! As it would stuff up my classes for the month! So then he wants to see me after class! Ummmm.

Told Mr Boardie the other day about Mr UK and he started being silly! He was like he’d love to make me squirm! He made me walk to the shops all wet! I delivered the cheesecake and he started teasing me! I wasn’t there long! 5 mins max! I left as he was in a meeting and I know he’s respectful but I’m with Mr Wanderer now.

The thing is? I miss that wetness! I miss the excitement!