The weekend was just beautiful. I didn’t want to waste it so I suggested we go on a day trip.

And I wanted a picnic as well. Plus he had to make up to be for neglecting me all week! Made me waited all of Saturday night!

We headed to Bacchus Marsh.

I packed a picnic and then we went hiking.

The river crossing was pretty bad. Me being clumsy I slipped! My hiking boots got wet inside out. Luckily I didn’t fall!

I think a few on the other side was like ummm they weren’t going to risk it! Told them a wise thing to do was to take their shoes off!

We didn’t get to the top!

By 4pm we were only half way up!

We hiked late and thus were half way on track No.1 and it was a difficult track! Really steep!

To come back the other way we had to join track 2 and it looked steep too from the gradient map Mr Wanderer found by googling.

In the end we gave up and came back down to the dam where the river crossing was and made our way back to the picnic area.

We got back at 5pm! I must have miscalculated as they said the circuit walk was going to take 3 hours! We started a bit after 2:30pm!

Anyhow we were both glad to be back before sunset at 5:30pm.

He’s been with me since Sunday! It’s Tuesday today. He only left at lunch to catch up with his kinder mate!

More about our relationship in another post! Been a bit down lately. Not sure what his agenda is?

The other day he told me I’m amazing and that it might come across as him not being appreciative but he is just sometimes it comes out wrong.