He told me I deserve someone better! I replied I only wanted him.

We rode into Southbank. Had a coffee and went to a shoes store so he can sort out his shoes.

That was Monday.

On Tuesday we rode again. This time to St Kilda for a coffee before breakfast. It was cold! He was like are you sure? I was like yes! Stop thinking about it and wasting time! Just do it!

I did however pumped up my tyres. The result? I was on second gear there and first gear back because of head wind.

He left at lunch to go catch up with his kinder mate.

I spent the afternoon going on walkies with a girl friend.

How cool is this? You can see the rain clouds in the distant.

I was craving Pho! So had dinner at 5:45pm.


One thing I don’t like is there’s no bean shoots with their Pho! Their broth is pretty good! Not oily like some.

Then another dinner with the kids at 7pm. We ordered two combos! One with Korean fried chicken and another with pork galbi.

You get two rice, two soups, meat dishes and side dishes. It was enough for the 3 of us as I was saving my tummy for dessert 😂

I figured a 10-11km bike ride and 20,000 steps I deserved a good feed!

As for meal prep? I ordered two large pizzas as they had 2 for 1 deal! And stuffed them into the freezer!

They are quick to reheat! Fan forced at 200C and 10 minutes later I’ve got yummy pizza to eat! No need to buy frozen!

As for Mr Wanderer I’ve told him to not waste my time! If he wants out then tell me! And I’ll disappear!

Thinking about it makes me sad.