To be true!

We’ve gone back into lockdown! I’m over it! I only heard as I was telling one of the nurses that I was going straight to dancing class from work!

Yeh well that didn’t happen! Then I wanted one last sit down meal at a cafe strip 10 minutes away! Yeh well that didn’t happen either! Every man and his dog must have had the same idea! No parking! I gave up when I saw the clock was saying 6:25pm! I mean if I had gone home I would have only been an extra 15-20 minutes away!

I left work at 6:05pm. I got home 7:15pm 😩 for a mere 23km drive 😩

In the end little defeated me warmed up the frozen vegies and pizza and ate!

Fingers crossed it won’t get any worse because my in charge had a sore throat! So they made him go get a Covid test!

We think he’s run down and thus caught a cold! He’s already had his 2 Pfizer shots. Plus no chance he would have caught it off anyone because he’s always at work!

Which meant today I was rudely yanked out of my bathrobes to rush to work. I’m to cover tomorrow as well just in case his results doesn’t get back in time.

Usually they’d rush through healthcare workers.

Anyhow guess the money will come in handy. Plus what am I going to do during lockdown anyway?