Yes I went for my second Pfizer jab yesterday! Not much side effects except for a sore arm and feeling tired/sleepy.

I took Paracetamol or Tylenol as a precaution.

Came home to cook dinner! Mr Wanderer came over after I asked him to just in case I run into strife!

He took my rubbish out for me and washed the dishes after he saw how tired I was. We watched a cycling documentary and headed to bed early.

He’s since gone home. I need to just take it slowly today and he has lots to do at his place plus a bike ride this afternoon with his sister.

He’ll be back for dinner. As for me I’ve got a bolognese to cook up. And bananas going brown that I’ll make into banana bread.

*photo from the internet.

Don’t think we will be let out for awhile! They think the cases from this lockdown are not index cases. Most likely from the last lockdown and still in the community infecting people!

Wishful thinking that it will finish this Thursday😩 on the bright side I’m getting paid this week! And it’s a big pay check since I worked extra!

One of the nurses said to me she’s been working extra as what is there to do in lockdown? Except go to work?