My head hurts! After two Panadol Osteos it still hurts. Woke up from my afternoon nap yesterday with a sore throat. Then full blown coughing, runny nose and headache this morning!

I rang my manager yesterday to tell him I won’t be in today.

Tried getting a Covid test yesterday but went to the wrong place! They’ve moved the testing site! No wonder I couldn’t find it.

I had more luck this morning! Mr Wanderer found it on google map and sent it to me.

What you do is register online and turn up! Painless exercise! They also take your number plate to make sure!

We’ve been going on bike rides! These were taken yesterday’s morning.

You guessed it! St Kilda! Known as the garden of Eden back when Melbourne was a settlement.

It was dead!

See the cute pavers? If you look in the window you can see me and my bike!

I did buy us a treat though!

It’s a baby Kugel. It’s yummo! With chocolate inside!

Finished off with a salad sandwich for lunch.

Since I’m isolating today I can’t go anywhere until my test results come back.

It’s probably going to be negative as I haven’t been to any hot spots! Probably a cold!

Lucky for me I stocked up thinking I’ll get sick from my vaccine. So no need to grocery shop for a few days at least!

Mr Wanderer has been with me since Sunday night and it’s Wednesday today!

It’s been nice having him around.

He went cycling today and brought me back half a mini lemon tart! He wrapped it up in the paper bag and popped it into his cycling jersey’s back pocket!

So sweet of him. He can be romantic some days!