Since my manager covered me yesterday and there’s no one to cover him tomorrow? I’m it.

So I’m heading in to work tomorrow. He rang me early this morning to check if I’ve improved! I’ve still got a bit of a headache otherwise I’m all good. My Covid test came back negative last night.

Mr Wanderer took me riding again. He rode first at 10:15am and went for a longer ride to Brighton.

I started about 15-20 minutes later and rode by myself. He’s trying to build up my confidence riding by myself. And since I’m slow it takes me forever.

My reward! He bought me a coffee and we shared a lemon tart at 11am in St Kilda.

Afterwards we were supposed to ride back together but I ended up riding back alone. He lost me just before the beach.

With the headwind it took me 25-30 minutes back. Instead of 15-20 minutes.

I took these on the way back.

He got worried and rang me! Turned out he was waiting for me and me not seeing where he went just kept on going.

He came back around 1pm with take away for lunch. Pad Thai and Hokkien noodles.

So much food that I packed left overs for him for lunch tomorrow. He’s since gone home to his beloved shed. He’s been with me since Sunday night. It’s Thursday today.

I still had left overs from last night. I’ll save it for lunch tomorrow.

As for tonight I might grab some take away for dinner.