He’s been with me since Sunday night. It’s been really nice.

Our routine every morning would be to wake up! I’d get breakfast ready whilst he sorts out work. Answering emails and ringing his clients to touch base. Look at his meetings schedule.

Then we’d go cycling for about 2 hours! Whilst having coffee he’d be on the phone to his clients.

We’d head home for a shower each. I’d get ready for lunch. Then after lunch I’d nap! Or sort out my paperwork/banking.

Then it’s prepping for dinner. We’ve been having dinner around 6:30pm which is really early for him.

But it means dinner and washing up is done by 7:30pm.

Then we’d watch a movie or documentary. The last 4 we’ve watched was Lance! Not sure if I like the guy or not. Although he did pay his dues he’s too arrogant for me and to betray your friends well it tells a lot about his character!

We also watched Il Divo. I loved the Italian background/backdrop. As for the politics I dozed off!

The next night we watched Keith Richards Under The Influence ! Loved it! So much talent.

We also watched First They Killed My Father about the Khmer Rouge. It was through the eyes of a young girl. It was okie. Depicted lives under communist rule. Brought back memories because I could relate.

Anyhow after the movies we’d go to bed early 10-10:30pm. And don’t get up til 8-8:30am.

It’s been really nice. We had a routine and it felt like we were an old married couple. I think we both fared better. Healthy eating and companionship for me. Cycling, routine and more rest for him. He sleeps better.

Today after lunch I asked him if he was staying for dinner? He was like it’s so easy to just get comfortable. But he needed to go home.

I think he misses his shed and his boyfriend aka his housemate!

I had left overs from last night but decided to save it for lunch tomorrow.

My dinner tonight! Greek! I only ate half of the bread, lamb and cabbage. Saving the rest for another meal.

I have a feeling he loves lock downs. No travelling to see clients! He said to me he’d be very busy once we open up again! Because he’ll have to catch up which means he’d be travelling non-stop and less intervals between trips. He’s already dreading it.

I joked I’d never see my boyfriend then. His reply? He might have to ask his friend T to stand in as my replacement boyfriend! Apparently T fell hard for me!

I was like 😩