The pits! Looks like NSW is struggling bad! We are not much better 😩 All plans cancelled pretty much.

Today I was supposed to go on a day trip with my girl friends! That was scrapped.

Yesterday early morning I found out I nearly didn’t make it to work. I was at the market last Saturday! And it took them nearly a week to tell us the market is a hot spot!

I found out reading the news on the internet.

So me trying to remember what time I went? I knew it was right after lunch and well it puts me there when the person was there!

Next bit was looking at all the tier 1 sites! And thank goodness I didn’t go to any of them! I had proof from my purchases! I now buy everything on my card so I can easily look at my bank transactions to see where I’ve been.

Luckily one of the transactions had a time stamped on it which I kind of guessed anyway.

The market is laid out in that there’s a deli aisle and that’s where you’d get your meat, deli and fish!

So even though I didn’t visit the stalls they were in the same aisle!

The fruits and vegies stall on the list was on the outside perimeter. I only ever go to that one if I needed Asian herbs, lemon grass or chillies. Other wise I’d go to my usual.

And last weekend I didn’t cook Asian so I didn’t go there!

The health department sent me a message last night to get tested! Anyhow I’ve been already due to my cold so all is good!