Okie I was gamed. I can pretty much ride into the city now!

I did fell over on dismount though! Scraped my left elbow.

Pumped up my tyres to 60! Popped my basket on. Inside my shopping bag is a mandarin, muesli bars, tissues, wet wipes, take away container complete with spoon and chopsticks. That way I can eat on the run!

It was a beautiful sunny and pretty warm day for Winter. If you look all the way down you can see my bike locked to the balustrade!

I managed to click and collect. Bought lunch and dinner!

I ended up with Pho for lunch. Not crash hot as the broth wasn’t hot enough. Still better than nothing. We are only allowed take away so I managed to find a bench to sit down to eat.

I saved my Korean rice for dinner as less chance of it spilling on the way home.

It took me 25 minutes to ride in as I’m slow as! Plus I didn’t go the direct way! I actually rode all the way to the beach and caught the trail (runs along the light rail route) from the bike path there.

To go direct I can ride up to Graham St (the yellow St parallel to Beach St) and cut across!

I’d probably shave a few minutes off going direct but then I wouldn’t have the water views and I’d be riding with the cars which I’m not keen to do.

The trail goes all the way in to the MCEC. Then you just have to ride across the road to end up on the right hand side of the Yarra River along Southbank.

Then to get to the CBD I can either take this bridge over to the other side of the river!

Or the bridge in the second photo!

Then ride to the underpass (-) of the station!

You can see the two bridges here and the underpass at FSS (Flinders St station) which leads to Elizabeth St (parallel to Swanston St)

Or like the other day I missed it all together and had to ride underneath Swanston to Federation Square to the ramp and cross the road back to Flinders St station to join the bike path along Swanston.

The reason being we drive on the left here! So we ride on the left also!

Along Swanston St is good as no car is allowed!

I was worried about the crowds at FSS today that’s why I didn’t ride all the way in but there was hardly anyone because of lockdown.

May be next time I’ll pluck up enough courage to ride all the way in!

It’s a win win win on the bike.

1/ keeps me fit

2/ no germs from catching the tram/light rail

3/ saves $9 full day fare to go towards my dinner/lunch.

I did treat myself to a cuppa and some white chocolate and blueberries scone. Complete with apricot jam and cream 😍