Out of interest I’ve looked it up.

My 5km radius is quite big! Although one third of it is the bay! And I can’t really get over to Williamstown which is pretty as well.

The blue dot is where I am.

I can go as far as North Melbourne. Which has only recently become a hip area.

And I can just make it to the Carlton Gardens! Where our Royal Exhibition Building is!

I miss out on Fitzroy which is Mr Wanderer’s favourite place. Full of funk and hip! Think coffee, vegan food, record stores, jazz, tapas, music, alternatives..

To the East I can go to the Treasury Gardens across from the Fitzroy Gardens in East Melbourne and the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) in Jolimont.

Can you see Melbourne Park? The stadiums dotted along the riverbank is where they play the Australian Open!

Further down you can see the Botanical Gardens and Fawkner Park.

And Albert Park lake to the west. That’s where they have the Grand Prix circuit.

And it just cuts off at St Kilda. Where Luna Park and the Palais Theatre is.

I miss out on Ripponlea. Mr Wanderer and I had our second date there at the estate. It’s where we first held hands 😂 .The estate is on our National Trust.


I’ve included the link as you can do a virtual tour!

There goes! I’m so very lucky to be central as I can take off anywhere!

Today is supposed to be nice and warm. But windy and showers later. I’ll have to go cycling early today.

With the 5km radius you can actually cycle to the perimeter then go around the perimeter and then back to where you are! It works out to be 5km + 5km + 31.42km so roughly 41.42km 😂 but then can you cycle that long a distance in 2 hours?

As that’s all they are letting us out for per day for exercise!

If you do cheat? Who would know? As long as you stay within your 5km?

**maps are from 2kmfromhome.com and apple map.