Since it was such a beautiful day I rode into the city again. This time I locked my bike a bit further down the river.

And crossed at the bridge to go under the station to grab lunch! Silly me forgot my bag of snack with tissues and wet wipes so had to come back to the bike before I could eat my lunch.

My cousin was supposed to be working on her tax but I managed to convince her to come for a walk with me.

We headed towards the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The first two photos are of the Queen Victoria Garden.

Another map so you can follow where we went. (Apple map)

We met at the bridge and walked towards St Kilda Rd. It takes us under the road to the Alexandra Gardens.

We crossed over to Queen Victoria Gardens.

I love her gardens the best! It’s really pretty. There’s a rose garden next to her memorial. It will be in bloom around Summer.

From there we went through Kings Domain to reach the RBG. Kings Domain is where our Government house is located. The flag was flying which meant the Governor was in state.

The children’s garden part of the RBG where they learn about growing vegies

The flowers

The lake

Nice to see people social distancing! You can see the city in the distance.

The succulents/cacti collection.

Looks like the Wild West!

Mother in law cushions ! My cousin didn’t believe me that’s what they are called!

I took this as it reminded me of the walks with Mr Walkies. I have missed our walks.

We walked back to the city via the Shrine of Remembrance. The side of it.

My cousin has never been up close so I took her.

The chariots are led by a child. Symbolic that children are our future and they did help raise funds for the sculptures.

From the shrine looking down. Can you see the face in the building? It’s a famous first people elder. His name is William Barak.

Poppies..underneath the tree. There are trees along the way down to St Kilda Rd each commemorating a brigade.

After the walk I went into the city to grab some roast pork for dinner. Then headed home on my bike.

Luckily there was hardly any wind. I made it home in 25 minutes.

Yes I’m slow but not that slow. The bike paths were like the market. I was just lucky I didn’t fall over trying to dodge people!

Walkers, kids on their trikes, toddlers that can’t even bike as yet, cyclists, skaters, old people with their walking frames.

And it’s hard to over take them as there were people coming in the other direction as well. It was mad!

I’m glad the weekend is over! It means the bike paths will be less crowded.