24 cases and they’ve increased our lockdown.

How? Well first of all they’ve extended it for another two weeks.

Then on top of that they’ve instigated a curfew from 9pm to 5am. At least it’s not from 8pm!

But that’s not all. The poor construction companies can only work at 25% capacity aka only 5 people on site for smaller builds. Playgrounds are closed as there’s been transmissions amongst kids.

As for me? I’m supposed to be working tomorrow and still waiting for my work permit! It’s crazy!

Mr Wanderer came for dinner last night. Luckily I didn’t poison both of us!

I bought frozen spring rolls that was delivered! Don’t think I cooked them too well! They were a bit under cooked!

My community service yesterday. I decluttered and donated my novels to the apartment complex.

A while later? More books has appeared. People must have taken mine and replaced them with theirs. Every time I go by the foyer it’s a different set of books! Lovely to see.

I love my complex as it has only 42 apartments. Not a massive development! And 70% are owner occupied. Which means people care about how the place looks. Plus it costs an arm and a leg to rent here.

Before Covid to rent a one bedroom here costs $480-$500 a week! A two bedrooms you’d be looking at $600+.