I stayed in today. Pretty much in bed all day.

I woke up with my head spinning! Which wasn’t a good sign. Then the nausea and I thought that’s it.

May be the coffee and the donut had something to do with the nausea? Or the fact that I’ve been taking quite a few Nurofen?

Thought it might have been my gastritis playing up.

So I’ve since switched the Nurofen to Panadol Osteo. Only had two this morning and I couldn’t handle anymore.

All I managed to do today was my floors. Took me a few hours. As I took a nap in between. I was on my hands and knees with a basin and sponge.

To add to my misery I’ve got mouth and tongue ulcers. Just remembered my cousin gave me this awhile back. It’s been sitting in my pantry.

It’s a Vietnamese remedy for mouth ulcers. You take it twice a day until the ulcer goes away.

I had to google the translation as I didn’t know what it was called in English. It turned out to be arrow root starch.

What you do is add a little cold water to 1-2 teaspoons. Once it’s all dissolved add some boiling water to it. Then shove it in the microwave for 30 seconds until it goes clear.

Need to add a little sugar to it to make it palatable. Mine looked brown as I only had brown sugar.

Anyhow here goes! Hope it works!

On a brighter note I splurged! I bought a little freezer! One good thing this mob offered free delivery so I saved $55! How good is that? It means I won’t have stuff falling out whenever I open my freezer anymore.

Plus I can make ice and buy ice cream😂 Here is to more meals prepared so I can just defrost and eat!


As for Mr Wanderer he rang this morning to say he won’t be coming tonight. He’s got an early meeting in Dandenong. So I guess I’ll see him after work tomorrow.

He was whinging about his housemate. How he got to bed around midnight and at 5am got woken up with the central heating being turned on.

Or the other day when he had a candle going and damaged the Laminex on the bathroom vanity! Mind you his vanity has seen better days 😂 told him at least he didn’t burn the house down 😂

Or tonight when he threw a wooden spoon at something and broke it. He’s yet to find out the damage that it’s caused.

All I said was he’s bought a house now. You know the answer!

The answer is kick him out! Lol stop whinging! Okie I didn’t say that! After all it is his house not mine. Told him I wouldn’t put up with him full stop.

Then he whinged about his mate T whom I had two dates with! He was on the phone with him for 3.5 hours. So he couldn’t get anything done.

Well he did help you with your electrical wiring problems didn’t he? Fair is fair. The guy talks for hours.

He rang me again tonight. Anyhow after 11 minutes I said I’ll let you go so you can sort out your stuff for tomorrow.

As for me part of me is relieved he didn’t come tonight. I’m not feeling my best and then having to cook for him as well. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.

It is after all the 7th month of the Lunar calendar. If you’re superstitious it’s the month of the spirits that are homeless or the lost souls.

You’re supposed to make offerings to them so they’d leave you alone. Or else it’s a month of bad luck mostly freak accidents or deaths.

My cousin just alerted me the 8th month doesn’t start til September 7th.